My Bolster ® - My Bolster ®


- Quick Dry Water Repellent Foam
- Leight Weight Beach or Pool Pillow.
- Simple to Clean Just Machine Wash Tumble Dry.
- Easy Clean Anti-Bacterial Cover with Sweat Wicking.
- Dry Fast Foam Will Not Mold or Mildew Unlike Cotton.
- Fast Track Foam Fitness Bolster with Quick Return Action.

My Bolster. The new concept in designed aquatic fitness and rehabilitation whether in or out of the water. My Bolster is designed to improve your performance and enhance your total body workout. My Bolster is light weight made of firm Dry Fast foam used in luxurious outdoor patio furniture and yacht cushioning. A excellent quality nontoxic water repellent foam that will not mold or mildew unlike cotton. Dry Fast foam will not pack like cotton and is machine washable for an exceptional bacterial free fitness bolster. The cover is made of Polyester Polyamide a synthetic textile that contains sweat-wicking and water-repelling properties. Used in outerwear and sports clothing this soft comfortable non fading fabric is anti-bacterial and nontoxic. My Bolster cover will not mold or mildew and is machine washable for an exceptional bacterial free yoga bolster that stays cool in hot environments. My Bolster will help you avoid skipping any exercise routine when you're feeling unmotivated and will inspire you to reach for that goal. My Bolster also makes for a great gift and will last for years to come.

Dimensions: 4.75" (H) x 4.75" (W) x 20" (L)

Patent No. Pend.

UPC No: 681192737761

Made in the USA

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